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Program (JSESE)

Th 76th Japan Society of Earth Science  Education annual assembly.

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Participants can give a presentation in either the oral or poster sessions. At the venue, two large hall will be prepared for the oral sessions. Presenters who will participate in the venue will give their presentation at the hall with a large screen/projector. Presentation slides should be created in Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF format and bring the pptx or pdf file with a USB flash memory. The presentation will be streamed via Zoom. The Zoom meeting IDs for each venue will be listed on the official website. Online presenters will use the screen sharing feature of Zoom to give their presentations. The presentation time is 20 minutes, which includes time for questions. Questions will be accepted from the audience in the hall or from Zoom participants.

    Due to the time constraints of the core time, the total number of oral presenters is limited to 34. If we receive more applications for oral presentations than that, we may ask some presenters to move to a poster session. This decision will be made by the Scientific Committee. The maximum number of oral and poster presentations per person is one. Presenters are required to submit abstracts by the deadline.

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