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July 22 2022

International Symposium on Natural Hazards and Education


Date and time: 2022.8.24(Wed) 9:00am-0:20pm JST (0:00am-3:20am GMT)

Venue: Shimane Prefectural Convention Center(Matsue, Shimane Prefecture, Japan)

Style: Online and onsite hybrid

Charge: Free

Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation available)

Organizer: KAKENHI Group on Geosystem and Education

Supports: Graduate School of Regional Resource Management, University of Hyogo

Financial support: JSPS KAKENHI



8:50-9:00 Message

9:00-10:00 Showcase of natural disaster education

      a) Japan / Mr. Yasuhiro TAGUCHI (Kashiwa-minami High School, Chiba Prefecture)

       Education on Disaster Prevention in Japanese Schools

      b) Japan / Mr. Katsuya KAWAKATSU and his students (Himeji-higashi High School, Hyogo Prefecture)

       Learning about disaster prevention in high school - Scientific understanding of natural

       disasters and acquisition of knowledge of disaster prevention behavior

      c) Japan / Mr. Makoto OBASE (University of Hyogo)

       Incorporating disaster prevention learning into primary school science outdoor learning

      d) Japan / Dr. Tatsuya KODA (Konan University)

       Disaster-prevention education assuming low-frequency large-scale volcanic eruptions:

       Teaching materials for high-school students about the widespread volcanic ash

       from the Kikai-Akahoya Eruption


Short break


10:10-11:40 Lectures (e) / Invited lectures ( f to i)

     e) Japan / Prof. Dr. Daiji OKADA (Hiroshima International University)

      Research on promoting national resilience through disaster mitigation education for university students

     f) Japan / Dr. Taiyo YAGASAKI (University of Hyogo)

      Natural Disasters, Social-Natural Resources, and the Resilience of Local Communities: the Case of

      the Great East Japan Earthquake

     g) South Korea / Prof. Dr. Young-Shin PARK (Chosun University)

      Natural Hazards and Education in East Asia: South Korea

     h) China / Prof. Dr. Yushan DUAN (East China Normal University)

      Disaster education in China-taking disaster education in geography curriculum as an example <ONLINE>

     i) Taiwan / Prof. Dr. Chun-Yen CHANG (National Taiwan Normal University) 

      Overview of Disaster Prevention Education in Taiwan


11:50-12:20 Discussion

     Q&A to the speakers from attendees

     General discussion


     Closing remarks

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