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All participants can discuss using the comment form set up beside the poster pdf file. There will be no core time for the poster session, but you can discuss with the presenters using the free online communication space (Spatial Chat) .

Spatial Chat URL:

This space is available for up to 50 person simultaneously from 18:00JST 21st August until 24th August. 

Tutorial (How to use Spatial Chat )


Geolab – an innovative approach to building Earth Science awareness

A. Sen,

I. Roy,

S. Ukhalkar


Practice and report on the improvement of color index teaching materials

Rei Mitsuhashi,

Yuri Imura,

Daisuke Nagai


The Importance of Teaching Natural Resources

By a Context-based Approach

Yuya Nakanishi

Tetsuo Isozaki, Takehiro Hayashi,


Practice of Earth Science Education Leading to Logical Disaster Prevention Actions

Masashige Minamishima


Earthquake and its disaster in earth science textbooks

for upper secondary school published in 2022:

Contents and problems

Hiroo Nemoto


The Evolution of the Process of Selecting The Philippine Team

for the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO)

Miguel C. Cano,

Marietta De Leon


Meteorite Study by High School Students - Activities in Japan, 2021–2022-

N. Hirakawa,

M. Hatakeyama,

Y. Kebukawa,

A. Nakato, L. Warriner, H. G. Changela


Development of Educational Materials Using Lunar and Planetary 3D Models

Rin Nodera


Exploring Global Challenges: Minority Girls' Perceptions of Energy

G. Bracey,

S. Locke,

H. Burns


The Role of the University-Based Regional Center for Science and Mathematics Education Development (RCSMED) in the Enhancement of Earth Science Education in the Philippines

Magnolia Vida A. Cano, Miguel C. Cano

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