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All participants can discuss using the comment form set up beside the poster pdf file. There will be no core time for the poster session, but you can discuss with the presenters using the free online communication space (Spatial Chat) .

Spatial Chat URL:

This space is available for up to 50 person simultaneously from 18:00JST 21st August until 24th August. 

Tutorial (How to use Spatial Chat )

Japanese High School Students' poster


A Restoration of the Paleoenvironment of Tottori Plain Including Shell Fossils

Chikako Katayama,

Kaito Kimura,

Kensuke Takenaka,

Tomotaka Nakano,

Yu Morita


Develop and practice local SDGs card game

utilizing the Geopark


A. Nakanishi 


The utility of physical simulation



Tricolor metering with old cameras


Yuga Miyawaki,

Takumi and Gen Jinu


Orbit analysis of meteors

Hana Watanabe,

Kosei Terashima,

Aoi Hasegawa,

Miharu Taniguti,

Akiko Hasegawa,

Ryo Kusune 


A view of the sky above Fukuoka City

Shin Sato,

Hayato Kuroki,

Shohei Oniki,

Huyu Nozaki


Development of Automated Visibility Observation and Meteorological Observation Systems


Toda Kota, Inoue Haruki  and Yasuhara Takumi

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