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All participants can discuss using the comment form set up beside the poster pdf file. There will be no core time for the poster session, but you can discuss with the presenters using the free online communication space (Spatial Chat) .

Spatial Chat URL:

This space is available for up to 50 person simultaneously from 18:00JST 21st August until 24th August. 

Tutorial (How to use Spatial Chat )


Dye Separation Properties of Various Rocks and

Their Potential Applications

Kana Suzuki,

Yoji Seki


Analysis of Board Games for Climate Change

Education: Focusing on Citizenship Education

Woo-Yong Park,

Chan-Jong Kim


School-Use Seismographs Employing 3D-Printed Parts -Subsequent Developments and Practical Issues-

Yoshio Okamoto,

Yuichi Naoki,

Haruka Nishiguchi,

Yutaka Maruo


A field guide using virtual reality technology: Introduction of outcrops around Okayama, Japan

Kazuhiro Yamaguchi,

Tomohiko Sato,

Kazumasa Aoki


Greenworks: A Multi-University Environmental Education Role-Playing and Community Action Experience

T. Lennon,

L. Horodyskyj,

R. Greco,

L. Ishak,

H. Umasangaji,

I. Bubniak


Potential of Online Webcasts of Large Scientific Ocean Drilling Programs for University Education: A Case Study IODP Expedition 386 the R/V Kaimei

Rina Fukuchi,

Yoshiro Nishio,

Rie Hori,

Ryo Anma,

Yuhji Yamamoto,

Arito Sakaguchi,

Lena Maeda,

Saneatsu Saito,

Kae Takahashi


Key Role of International Geoscience Education Organisation in Unifying and Standardizing Global Geoscience Education Policies and Activities around the World

B. Asli and L. Pireh


Role of Geosciences Education Training Policies and Activities in Promoting Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

Babak Asli and Reza Monsef

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